Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society (METES) has been launched! Do YOU have what it takes to Innovate The Future?

Metropolia has got its own official association to serve entrepreneurship to students of Metropolia, finally!

METES ry is an entrepreneurship society managed by Metropolia students who are passionate about innovation, are interested in gaining skills to start a business and want to be part of a community with like-minded people.

The Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society is run by students from different campuses in different degree programs. We believe creating a stirring pot of students with different knowledge and skilled backgrounds is key in making us successful.

METES is equivalent to associations such as LaureaES and XES who have a demonstrated history in student entrepreneurship activities. We are happy and excited to say that we will be working in close collaboration with them in the near future.

We, the board members of METES, are ecstatic to announce that Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society (METES) has been founded!

We aim to enhance an innovative and entrepreneurship culture into the minds of Metropolia students in all campuses. This will be done by guiding and Inspiring students to start their own innovations and startups.

How will we do this?

  • Create and promote activities and events related to business and self-development.
  • Being a platform which connects students from other degree programs.
  • Connect students with companies for internships, innovation and future employment opportunities.
  • Mentor and advise students through their own innovation journey
  • Connect students to other services that aim to develop their innovations

Currently, we are seeking actives who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship or people who want to be with like minded people. and an ambassador for the Myyrmäki campus.

If you are interested in getting involved, Please contact our Community Developers:

Anu Kantola,
Ben Gran,

Please follow us on Instagram @wearemetes and like our Facebook page ‘Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society’

The Metes Team

Community Developers
Anu Kantola (Cultural Management)
Ben Gran (Healthcare and Nursing)

Tanja Drca (Healthcare Technology)

Vice Chairperson
Onni- Vilhem Ojanen (Industrial Design)

Atte Linna (Industrial Design)

Published on October 2, 2020