What is Living Game Intelligence Network?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LGIN! Almost exactly two years ago, we launched Living Game Intelligence Network (LGIN). The community has developed and grown since 2020, but how it’s related to Turbiini? It’s time to learn more about LGIN and find out who is behind the network.

Meet Suvi Kiviniemi, Project manager of LGIN:

1. Tell me about yourself and how long have you been working with LGIN?

Hi, I’m Suvi. I’ve been working in the game industry for nine years now. Previously as a company founder, and on startup support for the last 3,5 years. My mission is to strengthen the Finnish game development ecosystem however I can.

LGIN has been running for two years now – time flies! Before setting up LGIN, I ran three pilot rounds of more traditional game incubation, but then decided to first build something that could support a wider range of young game companies. Thus, LGIN was born.

2. What is LGIN?

LGIN is a support network for young game companies. We offer long-term and ad-hoc mentoring, peer support, and regular meetings and workshops. We’re roughly 30 companies and 40 mentors strong now – the network has been steadily growing since day 1.

We’ll also open an Incubation Track later this spring. The LGIN Incubation Track will offer more hands-on, structured, milestone-based support for early stage teams and companies.

3. Who’s the LGIN for?

LGIN is for any Finnish game startup, or team planning to set up a game startup. We also support some companies on their way to relocate to Finland. Most companies work on entertainment games, but there are some applied games and game-related tech companies, too. Some are yet to register a company; some are several years old and have already published a couple of games.

On the other hand, LGIN is for game industry professional looking to mentor or otherwise support these companies. The Finnish game industry has a strong community spirit, and many enjoy giving back to others. LGIN aims to make it easy.

4. Why should people be interested in LGIN?

Making good games is complicated; building strong game companies, even more so. Having a community around you can be invaluable. It’s easier to endure when you have people around you to help you find answers to your questions, test your prototypes, help you through your darkest days and celebrate your successes. We’ve also noticed that in nearly every meeting someone gets a tip about a resource they didn’t know existed, or an introduction to a relevant person. The power of networking is strong.

So, if you’re looking to build a game company, drop me an email (suvi.kiviniemi@metropolia.fi) If not, you can still follow us on social media to hear about some cool games early on.

Published on February 15, 2022